The structural formula of butanol

发表时间:2021-04-16 12:30

Butanol generally refers to n-butanol.

N-butanol is an organic compound with molecular formula of c4h10o. It is a colorless and transparent liquid with strong flame when burning. It has a smell similar to fusel oil. Its steam is irritating and can cause cough. The boiling point is 117.7 ℃ and the relative density is 0.810. 63% n-butanol and 37% water form azeotrope. It is miscible with ethanol, ether and many other organic solvents. It is obtained by fermentation of sugars or catalytic hydrogenation of n-butyraldehyde or butenal. It can be used as solvent for fat, wax, resin, shellac, varnish, etc., or for paint, man-made fiber, detergent, etc.

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