2021 China (Zibo) International Chemical Technology Expo

发表时间:2021-04-16 12:41

Shandong -- as the largest chemical industry province in China, Shandong's chemical industry accounts for 1 / 5 of the national chemical industry and the whole province's industry respectively, and its position is stable. Rubber processing, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, chlor alkali, synthetic materials and other industries are in the domestic leading level in terms of overall scale, technical equipment level, economic strength, management level, innovation ability and market competitiveness. The main business income of refined petroleum products manufacturing, special chemical products manufacturing and rubber products all ranked first in China. Zibo is also the first city in Shandong chemical industry. Relying on this market advantage, Zibo Chemical Technology Exhibition has become the largest and most professional chemical industry event in northern China.

The last exhibition was perfectly held in Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 2 to 4, 2020. Exhibition halls a, B, C, D, e, G and outdoor exhibition areas on the first floor of Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center were opened. The total exhibition area reached more than 55000 square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 26%. There are nearly 250 special exhibition booths, more than 300 standard exhibition booths, equivalent to more than 1200 standard exhibition booths, and there are more than 600 domestic well-known enterprises Among them, Dongyue Group, qiwangda group, Jincheng petrochemical, Chenming paper, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Dacheng biology, Shandong Bozhong, Shandong Boke, Shandong Zeyi, Haimen Haizhen, Nantong longying, Anhui Changyu, Anhui Tenglong, Nanfang pump, Grundfos group, Xinjie pump, Weiduli valve, JIEST valve, Tanggong valve, Xiangsong valve, Hugong valve, etc Lotte valve, jifuli valve, Zhipeng valve, Yonglian valve, jinrunde group, Zhongdi pipe industry, Longda pipe industry, Junqi management industry, Siemens, Shandong Fred, Xiamen Yudian, nuoyingjiaye, Guangzhou star, Shanghai meileke, Wuxi gaide, Youli group, Formosa Plastics Group, winger group, Hezhong fan, Flander fan, Hengkang fan, Jiangsu Juneng, Mudan Centrifuges, Dahua Group, Shengbao group, Tianli drying, Shungeng drying, Jinling drying, Jiashan drying, pengduo drying, Hebei Yunhao, Shenzhen ruishenghua, Jiangsu Leke, kangjinghui group and other well-known brand enterprises in the industry all showed their respective styles one by one.

The exhibition scope of Zibo Chemical Technology Exhibition covers chemical products, mechanical and electrical equipment of pumps and valves, chemical technology equipment, safety and explosion-proof equipment, instrument automation, refrigeration and heat exchange treatment equipment, waste water and waste gas environmental protection treatment technology, packaging and storage and transportation equipment. People from petroleum, chemical industry, chlor alkali, chemical fertilizer, medicine, food, paper making, sugar making, iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, coking, tire, water conservancy, heat supply, electric power, electronics, metallurgy, ceramics, printing and dyeing, building materials, fire control, agricultural irrigation, industrial and mining well drainage, environmental protection and other industries were mainly invited to visit the conference. More than 62000 professional visitors were received in three days, an increase of 25% over last year. According to statistics, on-site intention turnover of 800 million yuan! In 2021, we sincerely invite industry elites to gather in Zibo for cooperation and exchange!

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