The third China Zibo International Conference on new chemical materials industry opens in 2020

发表时间:2021-04-16 12:39

At 2:00 p.m. on December 16, guests gathered in Hall C of Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center. The third China · Zibo International Conference on new chemical materials industry in 2020 starts ceremoniously, and a "brainstorming" around the development of new chemical materials industry is on stage.

In recent years, Zibo has vigorously implemented the "four strong" industrial climbing plan of new materials, intelligent equipment, new medicine and electronic information, and initially formed four advantageous industrial clusters of fluorosilicone materials, polyurethane, polyolefin and engineering plastics. New chemical materials have developed into one of the most competitive industries in Zibo. Zibo City closely around the requirements of high-quality development, firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the implementation of the new and old kinetic energy conversion major project, highlight the "green innovation, kinetic energy conversion excellent stock, focus on the future, high-end lead the expansion", deeply promote the industrial empowerment action, the transformation and upgrading of old industrial cities continue to make new breakthroughs. The industrialization of many major scientific and technological achievements, especially the obvious comparative advantage of new chemical materials industry, makes Zibo the "new material capital" more resounding.

At 10 a.m. on the same day, the first "four new" (new technology, new equipment, new application and new format) exhibition of Zibo Chemical new materials in 2020 was held first. The exhibition covers an area of 10000 square meters with nearly 80 exhibitors. Among them, Dongyue Group, Haili chemical, HSBC petrochemical, Bluestar Dongda, Dexin federal, senrong new materials, Huatian rubber and plastic and other local enterprises have participated in the exhibition.

The event was jointly organized by China fluorosilicone organic materials industry association, Zibo Municipal People's government and Huantai County People's government, and invited relevant organizations. The event will last until December 18.

During the activity, the organizer will rely on the new material industry cluster of Zibo Dongyue economic development zone and Maqiao chemical industry park to display the development achievements of new material industry and promote the multi-level information communication among government, enterprises, intelligence and association by organizing a series of activities such as exhibition and exchange, project promotion, investment promotion, report meeting, press conference and exhibition of new material industry, Promote industry technology cooperation; attract a number of leading and base enterprises and strong chain, extended chain and complementary chain projects, further accelerate industrial development, improve quality, and promote the rapid development and continuous upgrading of Zibo Chemical new material industry cluster.

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